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With many therapeutic indications, one relating to weight- loss is that collagen is responsible for skin tone and elasticity and its degradation which leads to wrinkles, often prematurely. Collagen, a fibrous protein, represents 80% of conjunctive tissue, 75% of our skin and more than 30% of our whole organism.

System Involved: - All the systems of the body

Therapeutic Characteristics: - Tones up the skin (replaces elasticity) - Protector; protects cells from attacks - Balancing; used as a buffer against irritations along the digestive tract - Nutritional; completes the diet caloric intake - Supplies amino acids that support and renew the energy level - May reduce appetite, if taken before meals - Participates in the regeneration of fractures and wound cicatrisation - Promotes a restoring and healthy sleep - Reinforces nails - Improves hair condition - Avoid overloading the liver (because it is pre-digested)

Therapeutic Indications: - Osseous and articular problems (arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism, osteoporosis, tendinitis, bursitis, etc.) - Muscular pains - Fibromyalgia - Sports injuries - Flabby skin (wrinkles) - Obesity, stoutness - Cellulitis - Fracture - Various injuries to activate tissue regeneration and cicatrisation - Burns - Irritable colon syndrome - Insomnia - Hair loss, brittle nails - Following a surgery - Convalescence in general

The daily intake of Hydrolysed Collagen constitutes a simple, natural and efficient way to reduce pain and counter the articular illnesses, appearance and progression.

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