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Not all Multi-Vitamins are the same

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Not all vitamins and supplements offer the same quality and effectiveness. The quality and strength of the ingredients is really important in sustaining optimal health. A good quality supplement should also have a good concentration of whatever it is you are taking them for. This is particularly important when practicing a keto diet like the Ideal Protein protocol where you consume low carbs and specific vitamins are deficient.

Ideal Protein Multi-Vita Product of Canada- Laboratories C.O.P. INC.

Our Multi-Vita blend is specifically formulated to prevent dietary deficiency precursors of numerous health troubles related to Keto protocols. Weakened immune system (cold, flu, and repetitive infections) are among these troubles. The right blend of vitamins and minerals is crucial to maintain good health during weight loss with Ketogenic Diets.

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