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For a limited time only, we are offering new members a chance to try our Quick Start Package for 50% OFF our Membership fee- that's a savings of $75!

NEW MEMBER SPECIAL $322 (plus tax)

What's included in this Quick Start Package? (Regular price at $397)

  1. Charlies Membership (special price at $75) which provides:

  • Weekly one on one coaching in person or virtual.

  • Weigh-ins, measurements and professional BCA monitoring of hydration, lean & fat mass.

  • Lifestyle education and guidance

  • All documents and web support for each phase

  • Structured weight loss while supporting muscle mass and understanding how food affects and is utilized by the body.

  • Phase specific educational videos to help you along the way.

  • Access to recipes and cooking videos built for every phase and taste.

  • A relaxing convenient and private clinic location.

  • Free App with daily videos, journaling and all your biometric data at your finger tips.

  • Scientific facts from the Ideal Protein team of healthcare professionals (This is an unmatched service we provide and essential if you're taking medication or have health conditions.)

   2. What's in my Start-Up Bag? ($246.55)

  • 28 high biological protein IP foods (7 day supply)                                 $132.00

  • 30 day supply of Multi- Vita Supplement                                                 $27.90

  • 30 day supply of Calcium Magnesium Supplement                                 $25.95

  • 30 day supply of Omega 3 Supplement                                                  $33.50

  • 60 day supply of Potassium Citrate Supplement                                     $14.95

  • Ideal Protein Potassium enriched Salt                                                      $5.25

  • ​Shaker Cup                                                                                              $7.00


*IP protein food for 1 week (7 days) is approx. $99-$132 depending on how much and what you select; this will be determined after your health profile and we do your biometrics.  *Price may vary if you select pre-mades, dressings and additional items.  Price is subject to change without notice.  *There is no charge for weekly weigh ins on Phase 1 & 2 or standard BCA monitoring with this promo.  *Due to Health Canada regulations we are unable to accept the return of products and there's no exchanges or refunds.

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